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Dr. Richard Nongard, LMFT

Dr. Richard Nongard, speed reading course teacherThis course was developed by Dr. Richard Nongard in cooperation with Bakke Graduate University.  Dr. Nongard has traveled the world providing training to companies, community groups and numerous organizations on a variety of training topics. As a licensed psychotherapist, with degrees in both counseling and cultural transformation, he is skilled at teaching and motivating audiences to learn new skills that improve life and create productivity. 

He is an expert in Transformational Leadership training at the corporate level and speed reading for both students and adults, and is a speaker who can create rapport with any audience. He took his first speed reading course in 1978 and has been a lifelong speed reader ever since. Dr. Nongard earned his doctorate at Bakke Graduate University and his masters degree from Liberty University.

Alexander Nongard, Excellent Student

Alex Nongard, online speed reading course teacherAlex Nongard is an AP student, graduating from the top of his class with exceptional ACT scores and has been accepted into the Honors College of the University of Oklahoma.  He is a great teacher who uses the techniques taught in this course to be an “A” student himself.  When you learn from Alex, you will be learning the techniques a real student has used to be at the top of his class.

Contact us at (918) 236-6116 or using the online form below

Frequently Asked Questions About Speed Reading

Can people really read a page in just a few seconds?

Yes, it is possible, by using methods that include eye exercises, hand motions, and training the subconscious mind to see “blocks” of words rather than sounding out each word.  But like a top athlete who plays in a super event, speed reading takes practice and training.  This course will teach you the skills to be a faster reader, and with practice, your potential is unlimited. We receive overwhelming positive feedback from those who take this course, and they tell us they read much faster after practicing along with the video reading drills.

Is this course only for students?

This course was prepared with the student in mind.  We recommend it for the upper level high school student, college student or graduate school student. But the ideas and the methods in this course can be used by anyone. Pastors who often read lengthy theology books, therapists who read journal articles, professionals with a stack of books to wade through and business executives trying to stay on top of current trends will all benefit from this training course.

 Can adults learn how to speed read?

Yes, no matter how old you are, you can learn new skills and improve your reading ability.

If I take this course, how fast will I read?

Most students who go through the initial exercises will find they have enormous gains in reading speed within just the first couple of lessons.  But those who actually practice and make the techniques second nature will see lifelong improvements that only seem impossible.  It is hard to predict the results for any single person, and as with any class, the results depend on your practice and application of the material.   

Do you offer a guarantee?

If within thirty days of purchasing this speed reading course you are not happy with the course content we will fully refund the purchase price!

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