Drones are now being used to catch American cattle rustlers …. When will they start shooting?

Last week we posted a video of happy cows. This week the news is not quite so good.

droneCows. That was what it was all about. But an armed standoff between two farmers led to the first arrest as a result of drone surveillance. Yes, you read that right. Two farmers fighting over cows led to one farmer being sought out by a predator drone over North Dakota and being arrested.

cowWhen Rodney Brossart did not return three cows that grazed onto his property, local police borrowed a drone from the boarder protection agency and sent it over his property. When Mr. Brossart was located he was arrested for swiping the cows and is now off to prison following his conviction.

In summary: Drones are now being used to apprehend Americans. My question is, when will they arm the drones and start shooting them?

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