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Hip-Hop Nirvana? A Mind-Blowing Show, to Say the Least

Wow! Robert Glasper Experiment laying it down, with Mark Hollenberg kicking off the Nirvana classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit” while Derrick Hodge lays in on electric bass. Now THAT’S a phenomenal cover! Goes to show that grunge is a lot closer to jazz than we might think.

Brett Domino teaches how to write a pop song

Oh dang! This is some pretty intense songwriting skill, right here. Do you think you could write a song using Brett Domino’s lesson? Better grab a bassoon and a dystopian novel!

I have never seen a prank as hilariously awkward as this one

Speed sausage?  I have never seen a prank like this, is is shocking, and pretty funny.  Share this .

This might be the cutest musical cat on the Internet

This brings a whole new meaning to “keyboard cat!” The owner needs to practice marimba, but who can push away such a cutie? Do you have any musician friends who can identify? Share this with them! I wonder if MalletKat needs a spokesperson…

This Vietnam Vet Math Teacher Has a Startling Secret…

This veteran’s been keeping a secret for 20 years, and nobody at his school knew about it. “The epitome of a man of service” is right! Think about how much nicer the world would be if we all stopped and did something as caring as this man does every week. Wouldn’t that be nicer? Share […]

Someone dropped off a piano in the Ukrainian Euromaidan protest zone. This is the magic that happened next.

Incredible sights and sounds from the Euromaiden protest zone in Kiev, Ukraine. This comes after a month of violent protests where the Ukrainian people are standing up for their rights as citizens against the corrupt regime of their current President. However, even in the midst of dozens of casualties and an all-out civil war, art […]

This Radical Reinterpretation of Beyonce is the Best Thing You’ll Hear All Day

Here at University Speed Reading, we love Destiny’s Child as much as the next person, but this radical reinterpretation turns Say My Name into a hauntingly beautiful, sorrowful plea. Arranged and performed by Olafur Arnalds, this is one quality cover you won’t want to miss. Everyone has that one friend who is a rabbid Beyonce […]

Watch when this camera falls from an airplane, the pigs find it!

Watch what happens when a camera falls from a plane and is discovered by pigs on a farm. I bet they felt like they were visited by a UFO. Do you ever wonder how much more you could discover if you could read faster? Double your reading speed at

Test you reading speed online – find out how you compare to the national average

He said he would not do this again, even for $10 million dollars. Would you?

This first jump is amazing. But when when you realize he is coming back down…

Listen to what happens when a kid calls 911 for help, it’s hilarious

This may be the cutest 911 call of all time. When this kid callas for help, the officer is more than happy to help him. Then his mother finds out he is calling and the result to too cute. You will want to share this hilarious and cute short clip!

This hilarious Footlocker ad is so bad it’s good.

Watch this hilarious ad by the shoe company and see what everyone is giggling about. What a burn on Dennis Rodman, too! The quality doesn’t stop there!

Should companies be required by law to have honest slogans? This would be the result!

This will make you smile! How many of these slogans seem more accurate to you? Are you ready to lean how to speed read? Imagine what you could get done if you could double your reading speed. Click here -

Drones are now being used to catch American cattle rustlers …. When will they start shooting?

Last week we posted a video of happy cows. This week the news is not quite so good. Cows. That was what it was all about. But an armed standoff between two farmers led to the first arrest as a result of drone surveillance. Yes, you read that right. Two farmers fighting over cows led […]

Frozen to be re-released in theaters as a sing-along! The dates…

That’s right, Disney’s Frozen is to have a new theatrical re-release with a sing-along snowflake keeping time with the lyrics. It’s slated to be released on January 31st, with run times to be decided by the theaters. While we’d like to suggest speed reading the subtitles, that totally wouldn’t be fun. Check out this official […]

These two girls in a canoe discover something amazing, and I bet you have never seen anything like it!

This is by far, one of the most amazing videos you will ever see. The potential of nature is unlimited… We all have a natural ability inside each of us, by learning speed reading you can unleash your potential.

Arnold Schwazenegger goes undercover as a Gold’s Gym employee – You will want to support this cause

Arnold Scwarzenegger release this undervover video yesterday at Gold’s Gym, all for a casue worth supporting. Help spread the word and share this if you support after school programs! Oh, if you want to donate, and enter to win a chance to ride in a tank, crush things and smoke cigars with Arnold click here.

Freedom. When these cows are set free they literally JUMP for joy!

This is an amazing sight! Share this to spread the feeling of freedom and happiness!

Do you ever find yourself on the wierd side of the internet? It does not get any stranger than this…

This guy can clap super fast. But you can learn how to speed read super fast! What would you do if you could read twice as fast? How much would you get done?

How did he pull off this insane move?

Wow! What an incredible move in the middle of this basketball game. It takes a lot of confidence to pull something like that off, let alone in the middle of a televised game! Wouldn’t you like to have that level of confidence in your abilities? It can be yours, with just a few simple steps.

What do you have in common with these acrobats?

A lot of things, surprisingly! Watch this film from the 40s and then we’ll tell you what they are. You can go ahead and skip the song about potato salad and head to the 1 minute mark. Pretty insane, huh? That level of physical focus is the standard in the gymnastics game, and is what […]

14 Reasons 2014 May Be the Best Year Ever

A lot can be learned by reading! The world is full of good news. Imagine how good you would feel if you could read faster – you would know more, just like this guy! Share this with your friends who need a new pespective on life.

Perhaps the most hilarious commercial ever. Really puts things into perspective…

Everyone loves reading an e-book, but there are some things that computers just can’t replace. Watch this video and share it — it will make you smile big! By the way, our speed-reading course gives you tips for faster e-reading in lesson number ten. If you double your reading, you can get more done. We […]

Five time management tools for students, that actually work!

Imagine being able to finish your homework and actually have time to enjoy school while you learn. This video takes only 5 minutes and gives you 5 time management tools that can help you succeed, starting today. If you implement these simple strategies, you will find you are suddenly more productive, feel a greater sense […]

Do you get distracted when doing homework or study? This will teach you how to keep your focus!

Keeping your focus is vital to academic success. I created this video for university students at BGU, but every student everywhere can benefit from these ideas. In only 4 minutes you can learn to improve your concentration and focus!

How to STOP anxiety before any exam or test.

This guided relaxation exercise teaches you to recognize the differences between tension and relaxation, to let you take physical control over any anxiety you might feel before an exam. A big part of defeating test taking nervousness is knowing how to stop the adrenal rush of anxiety. This video will show you how to do […]

The key to test taking is confidence. This video will show you how to develop confidence before any exam.

Confidence in test taking and exam preparation is a key to success. Students study and learn, but when it comes time for the exam, test anxiety, self-doubt and second guessing often create all kinds of difficulty. This simple process will give you your own “Circle of Confidence” that you can use in any situation.

Do you ever think books come alive at night? This will make you smile.

This amazing animation is something that has to be shared with other book lovers. It is amazing, inspiring and cute. I bet you will want to pass this along to other book lovers you share with!

What would you learn if you read 5 million books? Google gives us the answer

This is amazing analysis of the digitalization work of Google and what the results are for you. Imagine what you would know if you read 5 million books- Google tells you what you would learn!

What can be gained by reading books? It can open the world for you, no matter where you are!

A map carries someones view. Lisa Bu talks about how books can open your mind. This is inspiring and a great cross-cultural viewpoint. She calls books, “A magic portal” and I think she is right.

You can learn to read faster and get more done!

Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you could read faster. You could get through the stack of books on your desk, learn a new skill or master a subject. If you are a student you could get more done, graduate faster and save time and money. We can teach you how to read […]