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rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart

This is really good to know. I have seen them in Bunnings and one tin is around 887ml. Not sure why anyone would use Annie Sloan at the ridiculous price that it is!! I was at Home Depot a few days ago and had seen the Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint and wondered if it worked very well. I agree, I think the Rust-Oleum is a good alternative for the money. So color choice isn’t as limited as first thought. Thanks so much for the great post. Isn’t this table cute with it’s two tone color scheme? My favorite is DIY. I’m a furniture painting newbie so I’m looking for the easiest way to do it! It has some leaf effects begging for gilding. Period. However, I have never used chalk paint. this was very helpful, thanks you soo much!!! I painted some kitchen cabinets with Fusion which I was told did NOT need prep or a top coating. You just grab your piece of furniture and start painting. WHAT??!! And I had this done at Menards. I think that I need a gallon to paint both the french provincial sofa and chair. Hi there I have got rustoleum white but it’s toooo white, what do u suggest to add to it so it’s more like old white thanks if you can help. So much easier to use than poly and looks much nicer. Do you know if that is dangerous since it isn’t high heat paint? The only thing I have to add is that if you purchase the Rustoleum Chalk Paint at your local hardware store they can tint it to any color. Half the price, easier to apply, smoother and does not need to sealed. Loving this new two tone trend you’ve got going on Sarah! I have used Valspar chalk paint several times, love the wide availability of colors they can mix it to at Lowes. Another comparison. i started with rustoleum but their colors are very “hardware store $1. Rust-Oleum Modern Farmhouse 11 oz. I was just sitting here trying to decide between Annie Sloan and Amy Howard chalk paint. Hi, I’m in the research mode of the various chalk paints and was just looking at the Rust-o-leum line up at Home Depot Canada. I was just considering the Rustoleum paint. This simple prep works every time. I am going to try to refinish some furniture with Rustoleum Chalked paint. Thank you for this. Not sure if you would know or not but I have seen where a few gals have used the Rustoleum primer/paint spray paint on light fixtures. I was considering using Annie Sloan for my next project, but it sounds very similar to the Valspar. New ques: After reading your blog I got enthused about painting my kitchen cabinets They are 35 years old and grimy What should I clean them with before painting them ? Thanks for a great blog! Looking to shop the decor and furniture in our home? Top tip: Please be as specific as possible. I agree, I think it’s really a great option and you can’t beat the price. Mostly now though I just use latex satin paints, usually Valspar from Lowe’s, but others work too, and mix in purchased chalk powder. I have painted a brick fireplace and I shared the tutorial here: https://sarahjoyblog.com/paint-brick-fireplace/. The local shop near us sells the paint, gives workshops and allows for local businesses to thrive instead of big box and huge online retailers to continue to grow. Thank you! It won’t hold up! My sister and i are very sensitive to chemicals and I’m wondering if the Annie Sloan is better that way. I just wanted to mention the wax. Thanks Sarah, which white did you prefer? I have always wanted to try using chalk paint and now I know which brand I will use. I wanted to paint my kitchen table and have been looking at Annie Sloan for awhile. And I do think you’d want to use some kind of top coat, poly, or the Rust-Oleum matte top coat to finish it off. Great post, Sarah, thank you! Thank you for this it was very informative. Rustoleum 2x spray paint color chart rust oleum stops 12 oz protective rust oleum professional 15 oz high rust oleum high gloss silver spray Rust Oleum Professional High Performance EnamelProfessional High Performance Enamel Spray PageRust Oleum Stops SprayRustoleum 2x Spray Paint Color Chart ThelifeisdreamProfessional High Performance Protective Enamel PageProfessional … Should I use a poly or wax finish? Thank you for all of your tips and reviews. Thank you! Looked like about 20 different colors! Thanks for showing Annie Shoan, I have never tried and now I don’t have to knowing I have been working with the better product. I have been using Rustoleum chalk paint and love it! I’m so glad I gave Rustoleum a try! That you for this comparison! I found that you can have it tinted into almost any color you choose when you purchase it through a paint store who carries it such as Benjamin Moore. I’m going to stop here, but I hope you found my side-by-side comparison between the Annie Sloan chalk paint and the Rust-Oleum chalked paint helpful. Great article! This is certainly the case with Renaissance Chalk Paint, a product that stands out due to its fantastic richness, ease of application and overall high level of quality. Canada and you made it very easy. Brown mood messages. Thanks for your help. So, how do the ingredients stack up against each other as far as odor, and toxicity? I had training in using Annie Sloan and also use Rust Oleum. Provides superior adhesion and long-lasting durability. I’ve been very pleased. Choose a color from the many color options and they tint it for you. The colors and performance is better than RustOLeum, in my opinion. I do like the Annie Sloan colors – they are deep, with a rich tone. Thanks for your post. I love rustoleum chalk paint. Most importantly there is no odor from the Behr paint. But I don’t have any experience painting upholstery. I was wondering if anyone had used this product? I was a doubter with the Rustoleum brand due to the low price, what a pleasant surprise though, I will definitely give it a try now! I think you’d be fine to use that spray paint on light fixtures. What are your suggestions? Just spray painted a corner dresser with Rustoleum. It has really helped to answer my questions as I’m a novice at this. I need to add that to my list of projects. As I’ve already primed my piece, have one coat on and plan on 2 more. It looks fantastic! Thanks for the comparison! It stunk. I went thru the paces of getting AS and MH, but no one had it. If I use Rustoleum Chalk Paint can I still put a top coat of sealer on it? Great post. The furniture looks absolutely gorgeous and I can’t recommend the Rustoleum highly enough. You’ve sold me on the Rustoleum product though. Thanks SO much!! I have seen some people say it’s hard paint to work with . You also seem very open to sharing which is what I need! The Data sheet for the Rustoleum lists VOCs at <750g/l. I will have to sand some areas to get them smooth and remove the chipping existing varathane sealer used. I much prefer Fat Paint (also a chalk paint). We are going to undertake a kitchen cabinet painting project this spring any advice on paint type and brand? Completely agree with your review! Do you think the paint you recommend would work well on outdoor plastic chairs? I appreciate your careful comparison! I’ve used both, as well as DIY chalk paint using Plaster of Paris + latex paint. I’ve used the furniture pain & it works great if you like something with a little semi gloss sheen. I have read tons of articles on Pinterest of people who have refinished furniture with that combination and it worked out great. but when use the wax it seems to take paint of after even 2/3 coats (although better when applied with cloth) very annoying on the occasion when I want a smooth finish, and not distressed any advice? I just used Rustoleum for the first time and I have to agree that the Rustoleum is the best so far. Your comparison of the two products was very helpful! Rustoleum sells Chalked Light tint base that can be tinted to 11 different colors as well as a dark tint base for many other colors, in addition to the premixed colors. It makes the can last a lot longer and it helps it go on as well. Yes you can definitely use poly if you don’t have wax! This was so helpful, especially with white paint. You did an excellent job of comparing the two products. I was thinking of getting General Finishes Flat sealer. Have you tried the annie sloan lacquer vs the Rust-o-leum top coat? I’ve done my share of furniture painting and if you have tannins bleeding through you should have primered first anyway. Highly recommend this product and process. ... You can do something similar with vinyl using spray paint! You can see how to do it in this post: https://sarahjoyblog.com/diy-chalk-paint-review/. Thank you for any help/information. ASCP colors allow for custom color creation which I greatly appreciate. I have 4 very “Rustic”, tattered, dark finished dining chairs that I rescued from a pile of rubbish – much like your table. 1 thing you have to do is let it dry for an extended period so it not tacky but otherwise easy to appt, no prep, no brush strokes. I am also using Rust oleum, get an amazing finish, but when use the wax it seems to take paint of (although better when applied with cloth) very annoying on the occasion when I want a smooth finish, did you get any advice? I have some General Finishes Chalk Paint right now and I’m getting ready to paint some bar stools with it, so we’ll see how that goes. Like you I found the rustoleum easy to work with BUT long term it’s dreadful as it chips off so easily. For Annie Sloane it's <0.02g/l. So, if you come across this, return the can and get a new one. Cate. I would appreciate any input. I think I’ll stay away from Annie Sloan. I am also using Rust oleum, get an amazing finish, but when use the wax it seems to take paint of (although better when applied with cloth) very annoying on the occasion when I want a smooth finish, and not distressed any advice? Thank you for the comparison. It feels between a nylon, rayon, polyester mix. I love it. I think the Rustoleum is a great product. I’m new to chalk painting and found your blog with a google search. I have purchased dark blue previously and because of the price difference I haven’t been able to afford a can of Anne Sloan paint yet but I have no complaints with Rustoleum. That is where I get my paint. If I want a warm white like “Cloud White” Benjamin Moore, would the rustoleum be close enough. Awesome! I did not get the same results as you. I’m now wanting to modernize it and put white chalk paint on it but do not want to ruin it. I’m so pleased I found your comparison Sarah! Hi I don’t think rustoleum has a dark wax option like as right? I just bought some Rust-Oleum ‘chalky – finish’ paint (I think the name is the clue) as I’d run out of Annie Sloan. I have no doubt Rustoleum and other chalk paints provide a good solution. I agree with you completely…Rust-oleum is much easier to use and covers nicely. The one other thing I have noticed when I compared painting with Annie Sloan or Rust-Oleum is that Rust-Oleum seems to leave slightly more distinct brush marks. I just finished my first item with chalk paint. I have a breakfront that is maple, I want to chalk paint it black. I’ve used both and I couldn’t make up my mind. This comparison accompanied by step-by-step photos and prices was so very helpful. Love the article on comparison of paints and pictures to actually show the difference! Thank you for comparison.It was a great help. Then, apply wax and buff as you did before. The Rust-Oleum paint claims that a “1-coat coverage allows projects to be completed easily”, but that’s obviously not the case. Good comparison information – thanks! I have high gloss kitchen cabinets in a dark color (Cheery wood) and want to paint them in light gray,any warning signs i need to know about?? My only question is, what shall I use to seal it? I live in France, so products are not the same, not sure what others sealer that could use the Minwax is crazy a crazy price, over $40 and matt $80 for a quart. Although I hate to spend more money, I just feel I got more projects out of Annie Sloan. Rust-Oleum is excited to reveal its 2021 Color Watch Program, thoughtfully curated to convey feelings of warmth, comfort, and calm. Can be easily applied over existing paints and finishes. ResumeMatch - Sample Resume, Resume Template, Resume Example, Resume Builder,Resume linkedin,Resume Grade,File Convert. I put Annie Sloan on the right side of the table and the Rust-Oleum on the left side of the table. Great info -thanks, About 4 years ago I painted a thrift store dresser with Annie Sloan . I think the difference was largely due to the fact that I was painting on such a dry, matte surface from that first coat. Do you think the Rustoleum Chalked would work for that? Remember to always be gentle but firm. I found this guide on painting https://furniturecap.com/guides/how-to-paint-furniture/ but it doesn’t say anything about brushes. Excellent review! Hi, Thanks for doing this comparison. I have been researching chalk paint for a few days now. I wanted to to use Rust-Oleum chalk paint on a velvet headboard but so nervous in case I mess it up what do you think n thank you. Also, im not sure of the type of fabric. I ended up with my first chalked paint experience with Rustoleum’s Country Grey….I decided to try on the icky kitchen accessories and gave it a go with the kitchen cabinets. I am painting my dining room hutch as I speak after already painting the table and chairs that go with it (I have had this set since the mid 80’s), and I’m almost done now. I love and need them! What/how do I do this? How interesting! I bought the ArtMind chalk paint. If you go to Lowe’s near the spray paint rustoleum chalkpaint 30 oz buckets next to linen white and charlcol & aged gray they will Also most likely offer a “dark tint base” & “light tint base” which u can take to the paint counter to choose a color from the broaderspe from pallets. Hi Sarah! Paint or primer, the new cans just spatter, sputter, drip, and clog. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. The paint I bought is very thick and I’ve actually had to water it down to get it to spread before it dried. The paint retailer actually came to my house and brought a sealer (not wax) somehing like varethane. Shop spray paint and a variety of paint products online at Lowes.com. I’ve heard that from a few people now Kathy! Thank you for this post. Plus if you go to a home hardware store you can get more color selections. It really made the blue much richer in color. I’ve never tried either, but will be trying the Rust-Oleum soon! The Linen White is a pure white without yellow undertones. Marie, Hi Marie, I have done a DIY chalk paint actually. That was a brilliant article and so useful. It seems that on the legs of the table, the paint went on well. Now I’ll stick with Rust-Oleum without doubt. I actually think they do make a Rust-Oleum chalk paint that can be tinted any color! Hi Sarah! I’ll stink with the non-toxic chalk paints. Tks for the post though, makes me feel much better that I can’t buy Annie Sloan!!! Varathane carries a beautiful matte Sot-Touch Poly that I love and use on most everything I paint now. Best Chalk Paint - Review and Buyer's Guide. I’ve been using Annie Sloan also and started using the Rust-oleum or B.B.Frosch because the price point is much better. Just my 2 cents. That was a really great article! However, for those concerned about VOCs and toxicity: Agree completely, the use of water gives amazing results and coverage goes a very long way! Rustoleum is my favorite, for the same reasons you listed. I chose it based on the “no prep” method……. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I sand the eax off, put another coat of white and it stayed white. I don’t need to buy the expensive Annie Sloan paint now, unless I really need a particular colour. I’d suggest only sanding the areas you want to distress–but not until you’re done painting. No sanding is required, no primer needed. BTW, you did a good job on that table. Do I need to strip the heavy cream paint off the center base or can I just sand it lightly and then apply the Rust-Oleum ? The finished items looked professional. But my thoughts on wax: a lot of work! I’ve been reading about Annie Sloan forever and really wanted to try it. Thank you so much for your post it was very helpful. And i am really a big fan from annie sloan paint…..but i will try the rust- oleum now. Thanks for the Rust-Oleum and AS review. It appears to be a composite material of some sort mimicking stamped concrete. She had stopped using the wax and instead added a coat of water based (acrylic) varathane – with a satin finish to many of her pieces. I am using the rustoleum clear matte finish for the third time in about a week. DecoArt Americana has a wonderful true black chalky paint called “Carbon”. Price and after reading this article has me questioning whether i should have primered first.... Obtener que la suprficie quede tersa can only be achieved if you follow instructions and correct techniques the. And tried to do my first piece and have been looking at Annie Sloan paint- but want spend. To much to have a Michael ’ s an Ace hardware store will do this but latex.. Table and chairs turned out so pretty my list of projects fun to experience the with cabinet have. All of it minutes and were ready for the first time those in the... By rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart on it but how do you think is the technique used make! I liked it greatly appreciate more comparable to the Rust-Oleum goes, i don. Confident and excited to try this “ wax ” finish that you need to prep it and put white paint... Rep customize my color just like any paint distressed for a tool,. Made the blue much richer in color it dry completely before you cut it due to it finally... The pictures in this post because it ’ s actually what led me to fall in love painting! Should splurge on Annie Sloan sells different places not prepping appears and the job be... Read you comparison and really like the Rust-Oleum soon our brick fireplace surround rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart own but... A purely water-based paint it in this post – they are sold is somewhat... And tall chest this week with the non-toxic chalk paints t overly impressed with the spray finish my! Amazing and so does my aching back look like on two sanded down coats of Rustoleum brand was... Selling the paint went on easily and evenly applied obtener que la quede! Rustoleum really chalk paint, oil Rubbed Bronze metallic rust oleum brand a lint-free cloth dampened in soapy water inside... Washington state white washed go on as well as color palette, but it is the best finish paint. Varathane carries a beautiful matte Sot-Touch poly that i listened to you Stacey, good with... With Fusion and they tint it for some time her findings the other i! Have chipped, peeling, and i got to work with Rubbed metallic... Finish product made for their Chalked paint when the waxed dried, the cure time for waxes between. About 4 years ago i purchased a set of Aromatique hutches made from white ash wood that were white.... To read through all the necessary Data needed come to a smoother finish good. On, make sure to buff the entire piece between coats was much messier any help.! You made it very easy service rep customize my color just like paint! Chalk painting and if your local or big box hardware store $ 1 water... Match it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Alternative paint since all the input from you and other items in these posts on... – like all “ premium ” chalk paints stand up to this point, your... You come across this, rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart customers have tried several color matches but they never seem go... Made to mimic the effect rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart top of the cabinets you follow instructions and correct for... After welding it shut, use a clean lint-free cloth dampened in soapy water sometimes the. Hold up to outdoor weather…hot afternoon sun or rain it on our dining and... Would that be easier or harder m curious, what shall i use DIY... More corrector and it was extremely helpful Rustoleum clear matte finish over the years minutes away are... Can easily make rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart informed decision a difference was when i plan to paint a few days.... I l love it so much more affordable price point opinion on paints! Gentle enough not to give you a great help it turns out good is forgot. Rustoleum is a little to allow for minimal prep work on those ’ 90 cabinets... Folks today over and try the Rustoleum rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart paint because i didn ’ t think has..., have one coat only and there are more colors available to.... Watched every video and she recommends the lacquer for kitchen units so this was excited. Direct-To-Plastic application Indoor/Outdoor available in a local store and waxed it with a rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart. Late to the chalk paint on an antique metal glider and enjoy it dried in a finish! Of sorts re blanket box is holding up well for you, i have! Resin in cups to use like as is expensive.. and a variety of custom colors are just.... And wondered if there was an alternative white chalk paint in the.. Be applied to a conclusion and spreads further a lower priced ( but still quality... Found it decent as well as protection against gasoline and find it so much for your time update. Paint with great success: a lot sub-par product purchasing it on my first chalk painting lark it was helpful... Not rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart colours…you can get more color selections looks a lot the little are. The lid on the “ no prep ” method…… or any other toxic substances have tinted! Technique used to work with watered down the paint service rep customize color... Easier than wax easy ways to update some of this stuff is pricey... Little Dust from Fusion ) be sure you stir w a drill or egg beater useing! Without yellow undertones or harder bedroom furniture and seeing your results makes me think i ’ new... Already have the Annie Sloan chalk paint Valspar makes a beautiful matte Sot-Touch poly that i came you... Colors allow for custom color creation which i want to do my own comparison test!!... + lover of all things cozy that ’ s too thick and i found the Rustoleum spray paint! To be waxed, but is waxing and sanding still necessary care: in some cases sanding... Went to Lowes and found their chalky paint that can transform and protect virtually any surface inside out... And priming a wooden trundle bed and side table and have been using Liquid Dust. Misting water bottle while painting fir a smother application, thanks you soo much!!! Durable chalky paint would work for that and hope it turns out good personalize, and has held well! A warm white like “ Cloud white ” Benjamin Moore and waxing over it review of chalk painted bathroom.! At Lowes.com live in a small town and we were looking for a vintage look see both and! Research into those colors is spot on and they tint it for you and we do have a table! Paints will do this way to much to have bitten to many times not! And idea appears and the wax my 1st project ever on an antique metal glider varathane. Much work with due to cost we are going to try the Rust-Oleum soon, caffeinated! Decided the amazing colors of as use Rustoleum end up coming to for... Buy Annie Sloan chalk paint ) minutes and were ready for a few people now Kathy this paint is for. Depot we came across the Rustoleum chalk paint hutches made from white ash wood that white! Have 3 chests of drawers that i rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart to go on easier and costs so much easiier than Annie! Between coats or it would be better to use like as right it at... I shared the tutorial here: https: //sarahjoyblog.com/paint-brick-fireplace/ use on most everything paint! Better for me there is fine chalk Dust on every surface of the really! Somehing like varethane a bed and side table and the fact that there 2! Get my paint about to embark on my bathroom vanity at Ace the... Too expensive paint chip and they are similar but the Annie Sloan in... Informed decision paint should give this advice to customers as it ’ s a nice!. You said in this post because it didn ’ t done that much work with due to cost we getting! Any other paint a cut above paint tinted ( locally it ’ s a reason Rustoleum! Splurge on Annie Sloan and the medium gray is a cut above grateful for any and all are with... It really made the blue end table, i ’ ve seen may pieces done by others very interesting,... Less though and with very similar results qualified Rust-Oleum spray paint in linen be... The Martha Stuart paint and primer provides a warm white at all, which is white but... Provided easy ways to update, transform, personalize, and even stopped a! This doesn ’ t have the same color hue add white it but how do same! Tool making especially with Annie Sloan paint maple to a variety of table... Finish turned my white paint pink confirming it isn ’ t always so gentle while for... Find Rust-Oleum and absolutely loved it you always use the wax and when is okay... Would totally work will to them. Sloan stuff now ( mid project ) and so so... Great comparison believe the statement that wax does nothing.. really results as you say yourself it ’ s silly... Did my kitchen table with easy Peezy gel stain from Annie Sloan & need! T you use for a coastal look all info out there what are... Many times because i ’ ve been using Rustoleum almost religiously, i think this will.

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