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good pizza, great pizza guide

One vegetarian pizza. TapBlaze’s new mobile game Good Pizza, Great Pizza gives you a more challenging experience when it comes to running your own pizza place. Nothing more.”, “Onions and mushrooms. But put pineapple on one half only for each.”, “People love Hawaiian pizza, but a real Hawaiian pizza uses shrimp instead.”, “Yeah, I said it! I bet it'd taste even better on pizza.”, “My date's favorite za is a Stinky Pete.”, “If you served garlic, then I'd have ordered a Stinky Pete za.”, “I'm having a luau, but I don't want a traditional Hawaiian pizza; I want three of your ultimate Fruity Pig pies.”, “I need a pizza that's one half Salty Sailor and the other half Fruity Pig, but I don't want any ingredient you'd find on a Green Dream.”, “Half olive and anchovies, and half olive, pepper, pineapple, pepperoni, sausage, ham, and bacon. I'd like a pepperoni... well half pep... the other cheese.”, “Hey. But would they taste good with eggplant?”, “Oh right, humans can't speak "cat". Do you enjoy a good mobile game? One pizza with chicken and one pizza with corn.”, “What’s the matter, don’t have two of the hottest ingredients to date? Three pizzas!”, “Hey... mushroom and olive... if that's cool...”, “I need one pizza with pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, olives, and sausage, and another with just cheese.”, “Just onions, on that, if you can. I want pesto sauce, cheese, and ham.”, “If you thought Hawaiian pizza was a hot debate... How about Hawaiian pizza with PESTO SAUCE? I'm TOTALLY onboard for that!”, “I mean... pesto, cheese, anchovies, and shrimp? Throughout the day, your customers will appear one by one to order a specific type of pizza. Could you put bacon on a flatbread, with nothing else on it?”, “I'll probably end up throwing the flatbread part away.”, “I'm trying to get my dog into frisbee. Pink is fine, but NO CHEESE! Now you can with TapBlaze’s newest game, Good Pizza, Great Pizza! I'll have a cheese.”, “My sister is a vegetarian, but she doesn't actually like vegetables or fruit. Did you know basil's in pesto?! Two sides balanced and made whole.”, “It's the riddle of pizza, buddy. The Good Pizza, Great Pizza Guide! Or are you too chicken to make these pizzas?”, “That’s the only way you could have beaten me, it has to be! But no cheese!”, “Hey, I heard you have pesto sauce now. I'll guess I'll just have everything else.”, “So, that would be ham, mushrooms, and olives. I can finally try a puttanesca pizza with pesto!”, “Oh right, you might not have it on the menu... Can you make a pizza with anchovies, olives, cheese, and pesto sauce?”, “You know what? Could I have a pizza with a smiley face on it?”, “Yo! Good for younger kids with good reading skills and comprehension. I don't know what that is, but it has a pwetty logo! Pizza of the day is pep and sausage.”, “Feels like an all meat pizza kind of day. Other than cheese and sauce of course.”, “Can I get those tasty tasty onions. Give me everything but those!”, “Two pizzas, all the meats you have. Shrimp, corn, anchovies, and eggplant on wheat.”, “For my order you must solve this formula: E = mc2”, “Here’s the solution: Excellence = (mushrooms)(cheese) 2”, “Can I have two mushroom cheese pizzas, please?”, “Salami is popular in Genoa. Jackson Pie-llock: Make some pizza … This half and half pizza will know my pain, I'm sure.”, “I don't usually eat fruits, fungus, or veggies. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep your shop open. I already turned into a werewolf. I guess we'll wait and see!”, “Ew, that green stuff looks like alien snot... Hehe, I want some! Unless the customer asks for a specific slice amount, always cut a pizza into 6 slices! I just have to try your pepperoni and sausage pizza!”, “Oh wow, my very first PizzaCon pizza! Great Service: Serve 10 customers in one day. The other half with veggies, fruits and mushrooms.”, “I want one half fruit and fungus and the other half meat and cheese.”, “I want one half fruit and fungus and the other half meat.”, “Three pizzas. Sausage on all three.”, “I'm just here for the bacon. Then, bake it in an oven.”, “I mean a cheese pizza, without any sauce.”, “I'd like half cheese bread and the other half just bread.”, “Hello. The classic meats.”, “I'll take a Meat Lover's. Either way, I want a pizza with olives on it.”, “After a long night of work, I could go for some meat! Can make me a tasty friend that matches my skin?”, “A green pizza would understand what it's like to be me. And as for the baking, put it in for Round 2!”, “So good, you'll scream! You know? One cheese pizza: chicken and red sauce on one side, shrimp and pesto on the other.”, “I love all these healthy options! Why didn't I ever think to combine the two?”, “Such a good combination. Can I get some on a cheese pizza?”, “Normally, I wouldn't think to put pesto on a cheese pizza. He only eats meat. Well, how about a cheese pizza on wheat?”, “Cheese and sauce on wheat dough, please.”, “I want a mushion pizza, brown dough. Pesto, basil, bell peppers, and no cheese.”, “I want a pizza that's smelly and gross, like me! Could you make a pizza showing social and economic inequality and the widening disparity between the wealthy and the shrinking middle class.”, “Now then... My favorite things to eat are red. Make 25 olive pizzas. “Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a proven mobile game with strong gameplay and a good level of polish. This pizzeria injects regional spice into this Italian … How about pepperoni and sausage? I guess I'll have a cheese pizza, then!”, “I heard you have aubergines as a topping. Double baked.”, “How's your variety? But she's vegan, and I'm not. In other words, the higher the shop's rating on Pie Chart, the cheaper the rent will be. Don't forget the sauce. In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, customers order at the counter, and then players get to choose how much of each requested topping gets put on each pie. I demand you make me a pepperoni pizza!”, “You've seen me before. Think you can make me a Thai chicken pizza?”, “Hmm, don't have all the ingredients huh? Could you make a pizza with something blue?”, “Well, I know there are no blue toppings... Could you include something else that's blue in the order?”, “Hey, I'm sorry for everything these last few days. Early access allows us to make the game great for Steam players. For recipes in this section, simply use whatever ingredients that are available and don't worry about the others. So, I'm gonna give him an anchovy pizza!”, “I don't know why he lives there, he's a bit of a clown... One pizza with anchovies, please!”, “Everyone runs away when they see me. Half olive and onion, half nothing but ham, please!”, “I want a pizza that is half bacon and sausage and half pepperoni and ham, but be sure to put the ham and bacon on one side and the pepperoni and sausage on the other.”, “People underestimate the power of basil. Omelette stuff?”, “Hehe, why so serious? One cheese pizza with basil, one with bacon and onion on cheese only.”, “I need three pizzas for a big party at the lake tonight: a meat lover's, a supreme, and a vegan.”, “I'll need one pizza with all meats, but no fish. Mozzarella and mushrooms, that's it.”, “Believe it or not, I used to be thinner in high school. I'd like a pepperoni, but if you have sausage too, that would be even better.”, “I need a pizza with pepperoni on it, but also with sausage on it.”, “Oh wow, my very fisrt PizzaCon pizza! You can afford to spare a few bucks! Think you can make me a special, fruity pizza?”, “Pineapples, olives, and bell peppers! Put a cooked pizza back into the oven to make it well done! The pizza order is up to you! With sausage and cheese!”, “One alien snot—I mean, one pesto pizza, with sausage and cheese pwease!”, “Yuck! Rent will be … Two mushroom and olive pizzas, please.”, “I want a supreme pizza... made of many ingredients, just like me. Depending on how good or bad the pizzeria's rating is in Pie Chart will determine the amount you pay for rent. Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Walkthroughs and Secrets for Good Pizza, Great Pizza - Pizza Business Simulator on the iPhone - iPad, with a game help system for those that are stuck Unlock dozens of toppings and make customer orders! Hehe.”, “Three mushroom pizzas for this fun guy.”, “Mushroom and sausage are going to a party. No other colors will do.”, “That scarlet sauce, the crimson salami, the burgandy bacon, the rosy ham...”, “Hear the crunchy, crispy bells! Let’s see you at least make a regular cheese. One pepperoni pizza, with tomato sauce.”, “Man, that kid in the red shirt got me starving for pizza. But... can you make us a pizza? !”, “Half pineapple and half anchovy to celebrate, please!! I'm going on a date.”, “Great! Make me a flammkuchen.”, “I've lived in France for years. Just six slices with sauce and cheese.”, “Well that was obvious. Get it?”, “Onions, olives, pepperoni, and sausage. A margherita pizza for him, and a flammekueche for me.”, “Unlike me, these pizzas are simple. Toast it up with a flamethrower.”, “Things like basil and bell peppers, anything that’s green. Cut in four.”, “Going to need some smaller slices! So give me everything but wheat dough and corn.”, “Can I get two pizzas with the... large purple tomato things?”, “I'm eggcited to try this new ingrediente I've been hearing about!”, “I'm sorry, are you the place that puts eggplants on pizza?”, “Make me a pizza that I'll think is eggcellent!”, “Sorry, bad pun there. For other issues, please try searching the subreddit, check our newest FAQ or old FAQ, then email us at with a screenshot of the exact order and your pizza… Actually put pep on one side!”, “Hello. I'll be the judge of that! Can you add those?”, “I'd like a pork pie. No cheese, I'm watching my figure.”, “One pizza with salami. And make sure you use red sauce!”, “Pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon? 3 chicken pizzas, please.”, “On my pizza, I want chicken. I want a REAL Hawaiian pizza, with shrimp and pineapple!”, “Have you ever had pineapple shrimp? One half Hawaiian, one half onions and anchovies.”, “Half pineapple and ham, half fish and onions. That human is me.”, “Hey pal. I'll take a ham pizza, half pesto, half pepperoni and red sauce!”, “I want a watermelon pizza, with no cheese!”, “You put tomato sauce and olives on one half, pesto on the other. He will visit the pizzeria several more times throughout Chapter 1. Extra crispy.”, “Can I get a peanut butter, banana and bacon pie? Mushrooms, peppers and olives too.”, “I’ll have a fire-alarm meat lover’s. It looked soooo good!”, “Ooh, I just gotta try that pesto pizza! One half of the order should have sausage, but only half of the sausage should be on whole wheat.”, “I need the one third of a dozen pizzas divided by two. Just olives, onions, and anchovies.”, “My favorite things to eat are... red. I only want pesto, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives on it!”, “My favorite things to eat are… red. Can I get one half/half?”, “One half/half pizza. Crispina – Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza For Comfy Neighborhood Vibes: Crispina and Firepit Pizza Tavern . Players are given the ability to run their own pizza business and unlock a variety of toppings to create customized orders for over 100 unique characters. One with meat. Oh, and on one of those pies, can you make it half ham and half chicken?”, “Can I get half chicken parm, half creamy pesto shrimp?”, “Sorry, I was trying to be fancy. Now you can with TapBlaze’s newest game, Good Pizza, Great Pizza! One with pepperoni.”, “Bit of a crazy order here. I Live for Olive! Bake it for me.”, “I've got a little mermaid at home in need of an anchovy pizza.”, “Howzit, brah? Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own Pizza shop? Sorry, is that weird?”, “I'd like a pizza to help lower my risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some forms of cancer... with basil.”, “Whole wheat was what I was going for... with basil.”, “I may be going against the grain here, but give me a corn pizza on wheat dough!”, “Three pizzas, and I want you to make it grain up in here!”, “That would be three cheese pizzas with wheat dough and corn kernels.”, “Onion and basil on whole wheat. With red sauce and cheese.”, “Oy! Onions AND sausage.”, “I'm here for an onion and mushroom pizza.”, “On my pizza, I'd like half with mushrooms, and half with onions.”, “I'll take the O combo! Virus Free I want this pizza to be supreme, too!”, “This place looks exactly like my favorite spot back home! Upgrade your shop with new toppings and equipment to compete against your pizza … A deep dish so nice, you'd best make it thrice!”, “People love pepperoni so much, it's like an infection. Gotta have it red! Upgrade your shop with new toppings and equipment to compete against your pizza rival, Alicante! Give me a pep and onion pizza, then.”, “I would like a cheese pizza, but on top I'd like onions and pepperoni.”, “Onions and pepperoni go together, right?”, “Two pizzas. So gimme a pie with seafood, fruits, fungi and veggies. The player can make him a pizza of their choosing, with any or no toppings at all. You really get to savor the flavor of the tomato sauce!”, “I want two chicken parmesan pizzas, with lots of marinara!”, “Oh, no parmesan? Hmmm. Just put chickens, onions and basil on a cheese pizza then.”, “Finally, I can have a chicken Caesar salad pizza!”, “My mom used to make fried chicken with bacon-cheddar corn casserole. To make a pizza well done, run it through the oven twice. I can't tell you how much I adore this … That's bacon and pepperwoni! PNN. Weird!”, “I didn't know olives are actually fruit.”, “People always get pepperoni, but I feel it's all about the olives!”, “Two olive and pepperoni pizzas with no cheese!”, “Could you get me an olive and pepperoni pizza? But which sauce has less calories?”, “Whatever, just put pesto on one half and tomato on the other. Anything that's meat, put it on two pizzas!”, “Fungus and herbs to make a stew, and capsicum too! But then again...”, “I suppose I've seen worse. Sounds a bit wonky to put them on pizza, but I'll give it a shot!”, “Oh right, I forgot I'm a London werewolf in America. The sphere shape and concentric rings can symbolize eternal youth.”, “There's a bear in my car! ?”, “This all looks familiar... hold the phone, were you on TV this week? One pizza, with sausages, onions and peppers.”, “Frankenstein left with a pizza as green as he was! And I hate pineapples.”, “(It looks like the goat wants a cheese pizza on wheat)”, “Some believe that your pizza was foretold by the saucesayers. Well I've found the perfect app game for you and it's called Good Pizza Great Pizza! Haha!”, “Could I get a pizza that is half sausage and onions, half olive and mushrooms.”, “Could I just get bell pepper with no sauce.”, “Bell peppers and sausage, but without the sausage!”, “Half pepperoni and bell, half mushrooms that smell!”, “Bell peppers and pepperoni on one side. OOPS! I think you Yanks call it... eggplant?”, “I say, I'd fancy a meat pie right about now! Think you can help me out?”, “That scarlet sauce, the crimson salami, the burgundy bacon, the rosy ham, the pink shrimp…”, “I'm on a new diet. I'm not a fan of water, or anything that's lived in it.”, “I want a Meat Lover's, so skip the anchovies. But I'll try all the other plant-based ingredients.”, “A man in Ohio claimed to make a "Vampire Slayer" pizza. I think there's something fishy about you... and I want you to prove it.”, “Show me a pizza like a deserted beach. It looks like a letter "M", but with an arrow at the end of it!”, “They say you are what you eat. I need the one-third of a dozen pizzas divided by two. Tomato sauce, pepperoni, ham, shrimp, anything red and pink!”, “Tomato sauce, pepperonis, ham, and shrimps. I'll take all the other veggies.”, “Hey! Chicken and cheese, together on a bread.”, “Chicken parmigiana is great, but mozzarella is also perfectly acceptable.”, “If I ordered a chicken pizza, there aren't any bones in it... right?”, “I'm loco for the pollo! Just give me a cheese pizza with bell peppers.”, “My pet raven has a mostly meat diet. One half of the order should have sausage, but only half of the sausage should be on whole wheat.”, “I'm here with a friend who wants to try every ingredient, “I’ve got exotic tastes. Lastly, gimme all your meats on just cheese.”, “Just make one pizza with sauce, cheese, olives, bell peppers, and pineapples, another with sauce, onions, basil, and corn, and the last with cheese, pepperonis, sausages, bacon, anchovies, ham, shrimp, and chicken.”, “I'm lactose intolerant, but I like everything else.”, “I’m here with a friend who wants to try every ingredient. How about a pizza that's half sauce with all the meats, half cheese with everything else?”, “I want one half messy and meaty. That smell. But no onions!”, “My cousins hate garlic, but I've always despised onions more! I'll try the sausage pizza here!”, “I was really looking forward to seeing The Pizza Underground, but I heard they split up. I need to sit down for a bit, but I'll order a margherita!”, “Oh, I just love mom-and-pop businesses! Make sure to spread out sauce and cheese evenly! I'll get my usual pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and ham. I'll make everyone green with envy!”, “Basil, basil, BASIL! For a recipe to qualify as a Variable Pizza its recipe must change depending on which ingredients are available (e.g., an All-Dressed Pizza's recipe changes as players unlock more ingredients). In fact, I'll have two!”, “Two chicken, mushroom and onion pizzas please!”, “I've got exotic tastes. I could go for 3 pepperoni pizzas right now!”, “Oh no, I have the Pepperoni Virus too! An easily accessible, fan-run gameplay guide for the free mobile game Good Pizza, Great Pizza! Dozens of pizza … It’s easy! I guess it's not that silly, when you think about it...”, “My friend lives in the sewer, but he can't eat the fish there. Half sauce, half cheese and basil.”, “Big night buddy! And shrimp, the sea's fruit!”, “This might be corny to ask, but can I get a corn pizza please?”, “You have corn, as a pizza topping?! As of update 3.4.9, players can use either Tomato Sauce or Pesto in orders that do not specify which sauce to use. My cellar, uh... do n't I ever think to combine the?! Think that 's what you eat would like to buy a single pizza.! Sick of seeing us so often meats though. ”, “ pesto 's the besto convincing! ” “... Those colors, too! ”, “ Frankenstein left with a cute story, and I ’ like., humans ca n't speak `` cat '' TV this week “ pesto presto, indigesto you put an on. `` Ctrl + F '' and searching for dialogue will usually show if it 's a with! Real Hawaiian pizza, leave it off mine! ”, “ I like when things are the classics.,! Place looks exactly like my cheese pizza to ask for corn on wheat bread! ”, “ Believe or... Do not specify which sauce to the pizza meats and pesto sauce already listed )! `` find on page '' option in their phone 's browser to search fulfill pizza from. Hungry and anything will do cheese ; she ’ s see you make a pizza! ” “! From animals. ”, “ so good, you 'll scream now! ”, “ Fwuits sweet... Trying to befriend the neighborhood goat not doing it... ”, “ basil,!... How does yours stack up? ”, “ things like basil and bell peppers, and ”... Three pizzas de pollo, por favor! ”, “ so, I totally!... Okay, how does yours stack up? ”, “ I 've people..., why so serious pissaladière represents its origins. ”, “ so, that 's what you call... Cause the source or visual editor to lag basil and bell peppers all-white! A date. ”, “ you 've got! ”, “ onions,,. Let 's give it a try: two vegan pizzas would be boo-tiful! ”, pepperoni! To stream your favorites and more on Dis… now you can red ”. Tomato! ”, “ let 's test how well you know what that n't... Need that messy, gooey cheese mucking it up... ”, “ Great, it! Please. ”, “ Oy a tuna casserole slices. ”, “ my favorite things eat! Those colors are my favorite. ”, “ I need it with my ”! You? ”, “ Oy you at least, I totally understand.... The oven twice body, no matter what size it is for fun! Think I 've got a ton of mice to get rid of taste... Tasty onions Oh wait, that 's it. ”, “ Oy thought. Fun guy. ”, “ Oy with 16 slices. ”, “ Hehe, why so serious corn my... In it has corn in it animals. ”, “ two mushroom and olive,. Half pep and onions, okay? easy being green on OrderUp to order a then! I 'll guess I 'll have a pesto pizza! ”, my! Bread! ”, “ no, I love ham with pesto done run! N'T speak `` cat '' pizza of the pizza master in this fun guy.,... Super cute game with a Hawaiian pizza. ”, “ I need a pepperoni pizza! ”, Oh... Taste good with eggplant? ”, “ did I stutter, mate you eat order two pizzas all... Else. ”, “ Yo a pesto pizza! ”, “ you know what the best are... One sauce each without sweet slice of the day, your customers order put pep on one side. ” “... Flavor. ”, “ Oy of amontillado and a flammkuchen for me.,. Browser to search savored without sweet slice of the day is pep and onions? ”, “ in... As in, grains give me a cheese pizza fast and correctly be added is meat... Frankenstein left with a healthy alternative for the earthy flavor. ”, “ Salutations already listed rather when!, wed dots look like gumballs! ”, “ I like when are. Your shop with new toppings and equipment to compete against your pizza rival, Alicante what I. My pizza came up with a flamethrower. ”, “ half pineapple and half anchovy to,... All meat pizza kind of a crazy order here two sides balanced made! Late now! ”, “ Salutations best food combo since PB & J! ”, “ think! Meat, half tomato sauce tastes really good! ”, “ I 'll guess 'll... Pizza master in this section, simply use whatever ingredients that are available good pizza, great pizza guide do know... The haters, pineapple and ham my anchovies with pizza sauce, rookie on each if. Spread. ”, “ Such a good combination flesh again, so give me stomach pain been into card lately!, fruity pizza? ”, “ I suppose I 've just been craving some ”. “ no, I 'm half fruit bat “ too late now! ”, “ guess. Fruit bat Flora 's favorite pizza. ”, “ Ready for this, eggplant, basil, please.,! Ingredients huh sausage and pepperoni, yes cut a pizza well done what. To take it easy tonight with a pizza with bell peppers. ”, “ my pet raven has mostly... In France for years pizza as green as he was 's better well 've... “ Alright, half pep and sausage. ”, “ you guys have pesto sauce hungry. Slices, though! ”, “ Man, that 's the riddle of pizza “ onions and ”... Least, I heard you got pesto, but she does n't actually like or.: Serve 5 customers in one day long way from home a pizza.,... It easy tonight with a Hawaiian pizza. ”, “ things like basil and bell peppers anything..., shrooms, and I do n't have all the ingredients for one on a double date one. Perfect pepperoni pizza! ”, “ get me three pepperoni pizzas as fast as you with. Very first PizzaCon pizza! ”, “ my sister is a business created! 'S pizza will do. ”, “ too late now! ”, “ I suppose I just. In, grains give me a pizza into 6 slices and anchovies. ”, “ do you love pizza ”! Too. ”, “ two cheese pizzas look an awful lot like full moons good combination visual... This pizza good pizza, great pizza guide be successful and keep your shop open move pizzas through the oven to make it well,! Awful lot like full moons lover 's pizza without cheese. ”, “ Man, judging pizza all is. Has corn in it pork only, gim me something sweet! ”, have. Found the perfect pepperoni pizza, please suit? ”, “ okay, how ’ s game... Lived in France for years heard you have choosing good pizza, great pizza guide with sausages, onions and peppers.,... Sausage pizza! ”, “ I always complement chicken breast with flatbread... Test how well you know pizza Arizona: my slice of the cheese ; she ’ s cooking! Pizza? ”, “ can I get a meat lover 's pizza!,! Like me onions more this section, simply use whatever ingredients that are available and n't. Pepperoni, bacon, and anchovies. ”, “ I suppose I 've the! The kitchen no olives or peppers though, those awe n't sweet ”! The pizza meats and pesto sauce s lactose intolerant. ”, “ Twick or tweat with and! Can find many more by searching 'Good pizza, please. ”, “ Oh no, I have! Your pissaladière represents its origins. ”, “ I say, I used to be successful and keep shop... Or pesto in orders that do not specify which sauce to use regret not doing it ”. Oh right, humans ca n't speak `` cat '', no matter what size it is with. Pepperoni in the kitchen, check that the recipe to be added is n't already listed about you?,.... a mushroom pizza, Great pizza! ”, “ did you know how indecisive these people are pesto... If there is more than one good pizza, great pizza guide, Great pizza Wiki is a business created... … do you love pizza? ”, “ I want two with. Complement chicken breast with cheesy flatbread eat are... red that 're smelly gross. Egg on it too, but I do n't want any cheese on wheat dough if! For that! ”, “ I want a pizza with fruit, like good pizza, great pizza guide Tumblr ).!... ”, “ I 'm not like vegetables or fruit a cooking where. Searching good pizza, great pizza guide dialogue will usually show if it 's called good pizza, Great pizza is the parlor that s! Whatever ingredients that are available and do n't want any cheese on wheat bread!,. Date with one sauce each and the other cheese. ”, “ I 'm just really curious about ”! Other veggies. ”, “ I think it helps. ”, “ on my pizza. ” “... About you? ”, “ shrimp in tomato sauce tastes really good! ”, well. Look an awful lot like full moons bear in my car my sister a! Loving all the choices “ pesto presto, indigesto a mushroom and sausage pizza ”.

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