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I think he broke his leg.” Nelson: “I said ha-ha.”), necessitating a cast that will keep him out of the pool for the rest of the summer. The episode focuses on the courtship between Principal Skinner and Ms. Krabappel, who become romantically involved at the appropriately depressing place that is Martin’s birthday party. No show has ever done big and small storytelling concurrently as well as The Simpsons and this is a masterful example. “If there had to be a bastardized version of Krusty, I’m glad it’s you,” Lisa tells her dad. The Simpsons is an animated family sitcom, and the animated family is the Simpsons. It should fall apart right around the time Lisa, who misses her school bus because she’s preoccupied fixing her linguistics robot Linguo, gets a ride from Krusty and Teeny to the previously unmentioned West Springfield Elementary School, but it never does — the episode continually builds momentum toward a satisfying finale. This flashback episode is prompted by an unclear pregnancy test Marge takes (don’t trust Barnacle Bill), which causes Homer to tell the kids the story of how he and Marge got married and how he got his job at the nuclear power-plant. The lesson here is that it’s better to die in peace than to live in disharmony. Cherish your youth, “Bart on the Road” brilliantly suggests, because before too long, you’re working as a courier, hauling a cooler labeled “HUMAN EYES” through an airport in Hong Kong. Mayor Quimby is impressed by the act of heroism, and he hires Homer as his personal bodyguard. Personally, one of the bigger gripes about that episode was the fact that Matt Groening was still bitter about that episode (and presumably is, as of 2021), yet refused to do a commentary or a rebuttal on that episode for the Season 6 DVD set, so the commentary for said episode ended up being a total wankfest for The Critic, with no mention whatsoever of how … Eventually, they badger their parents into taking them to the most violent place on Earth, Itchy & Scratchy Land. But, well, “I’m Mr. To quote something showrunner Mike Scully once said in an interview, “Guns in the hands of people like Homer Simpson are bad.” But an episode about it? What makes “Lisa’s Rival” so pivotal is that it drives home that Lisa is not a super genius, incapable of relating to a city of peons; she’s just a very smart young lady who wants to meet even an average person. Nelson declares Bart his best friend after Bart is the only child to turn up for his birthday party. After a series of COVID related postponements and a late start, the two R&B songstresses went toe-to-toe on Thursday, January 21. Was this review helpful to you? That’s unpossible!”). However, what made the decision controversial among fans, even those from New York — especially those from New York — is that in many ways, the episode is a celebration of the city, capturing through the show’s extremes both what’s terrific and terrifically terrible about New York. All 22 minutes are very good, but the episode becomes “all-time great” near the end, when the Simpsons and at least two dozen other recurring characters squeeze into Ned’s bomb shelter. S.,” à la Fonzie on Happy Days, and eventually announces that he’s moving into his own apartment “with two sexayyy ladies.”. The Simpsons’ mythology has been rejiggered so many times that it’s hard to tell what really happened in the years leading up to Bart’s birth. The list reflects the show’s continued greatness over 30 years, meaning it includes the first episode and also some of the more recent ones. Homer gets mocked for his alien abduction story on his birthday, which he shares with the dog. EVER. You?” “Sure. He takes incorrect stances to such extremes that they reveal the absurdity of the position even in the most minor sense. Our list of 100 probably gives Marge the shortest shrift, but in this episode, we encounter her neuroses head-on. “The Book Job” is the best reason to keep watching The Simpsons past season 20, so tightly plotted an episode it is. “Nobody ever says Italy,” Scorpio says. Then 9/11 happened, and it was taken out of syndication. (Lisa: “Oh my God! He observes a neighbor commit a terrible act. The Jarring Spectacle of Having an Administration Worth Singing for Again. By the time we get to the finale, with Bart stalling for time by convincing the vain Bob to sing the complete score to Gilbert & Sullivan’s “H.M.S. At the end, though, they’re both losers in Homer’s eyes when a deciding penalty shot ends with them reaching the conclusion that love conquers all (while it tears everyone else apart in the resulting riot). Nelson was first shown as a bully and the arch rival of Bart and as a kid taking/picking up him off the stage. To protect himself, Mayor Quimby passes the blame along to someone else: illegal immigrants. In “The Haw-Hawed Couple,” which in itself is a pun on The Odd Couple, there are references to Goodfellas, Brokeback Mountain, and even an entire subplot devoted to a faux–Harry Potter book series. “A Milhouse Divided” pulls off that Simpsons trick of digging into incredibly painful real-life situations with enough humor that the experience doesn’t become unpleasant. If “The Cartridge Family” ended after the first act, with the Simpsons and the rest of Springfield attending a soccer match only to realize just how boring the beautiful game is, it would still be on this list. Whereas other characters are defined by their flaws — Moe’s lack of a love life, Skinner’s crippling attachment to his mother, and Homer’s general stupidity — Flanders is always relatively free of problems. Everyone has a great time, especially Bart, until he hears the cruise director, played by the instantly recognizable Steve Coogan, sing a song about how the passengers should enjoy themselves now, because before long, they’ll be back to their boring ol’ lives. It doesn’t last long, and Homer eventually turns himself in. is singing a different tune, declaring that “there is no plan B” for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Bartgets into a fight with Nelson Muntz, the school bully, after Nelson's friends trash the cupcakes that Lisabaked for Miss Hoover's birthday party. And the killer robots. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. While viewers get a better insight into Apu’s life and commitment to his work, it is ultimately Homer who incites the adventures. Then the gurney is accidentally wheeled into the kindergarten class. The Simpsons is partly about how the intelligent view the world, and Lisa often is the writers’ proxy. In a scene in which Flanders is trying to mediate the conflict between Homer and Armisen’s character, Homer goes, “Can we at least agree to both hate Flanders?” To which Armisen replies, “I like him. “Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily” has that perfect mix of sentiment and silliness that defines so many classic episodes. Speaking of the treehouse, it’s there that a now grown-up (and drunk) Bart and Lisa have a very real, adult conversation about their respect for each other and the specific bond they share by growing up in the same house. Except for that. Not only does Allison also know the answers to questions in class and play saxophone like Lisa, she was actually skipped ahead a grade and is better at the instrument. This episode may not be an accurate retelling of The Simpsons’ history, but it is an amusing alternative narrative that would’ve just been as plausible and convincing. It tells the story of Homer sending himself to an imaginary Lego-Springfield after Lisa opts to hang out with her friends instead of compete in a Lego contest with him. We do. One of The Simpsons’ more assured dips into pure misery, “Kamp Krusty” finds Bart and Lisa in despair at conditions in the titular summer camp. Of course, in the end, we root for Marge and Homer to get their kids back, mainly because the Flanders overstep their bounds, trying to baptize the kids in a menacingly filmed sequence that would be offensive if the climactic gag — Homer recoiling from the baptism water like a vampire — didn’t suggest that in some sense, God is on the side of the righteous. The rapper had to debunk false reports about the case against Tory Lanez on Twitter. “Lisa’s Wedding” is packed with clever allusions to the, um, future, but it’s more concerned with how much one little girl loves her father, no matter how “trying” he is. At home, Marge consoles and encourages Bart to reason with Nelson. Once you stop this car, I’m gonna hug you and kiss you. Even Homer needs the imagination of Lisa, who’s sent to the power planet for Go to Work With Your Parents Day, to reveal the magic in the mundane — it’s amazing how easily radiation suits can make you feel like you’re an astronaut. (“I liked this movie more than the one by that little girl because I saw it today.”). These run the gamut from Mel Brooks–level shticky (Sideshow Bob telling the parole board that his “Die, Bart, Die” tattoo is “German for ‘The Bart, the’”) to subtle (Bob’s Night of the Hunter–styled “Love” and “Hate” tattoos read “luv” and “hat” because Simpsons characters only have four fingers), to so drawn-out that they verge on anti-humor (Bob stepping on rake after rake). The first half, the finale of season six, effectively set up the fact that literally every resident of Springfield would have a motive to shoot Mr. Burns, who crossed the line between everyday villainy to cartoonish supervillainy by stealing oil from the elementary school and then blocking out the sun. So, even though “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet,” which substitutes John, Paul, George, and Ringo for the Be Sharps (consisting of Homer, Skinner, Wiggum, I mean, Barney, and Apu de Beaumarchais), leans heavily on the Beatles’ origin story and subsequent rise and fall, there’s one major difference: It went bigger. (Bart: “Don’t we get to roast marshmallows?” Dolph: “Shut up and eat yer pinecone!”) As the kids eat Krusty Brand imitation gruel (“nine out of ten orphans can’t tell the difference”), endure forced marches, and manufacture wallets in a sweatshop, Bart gets fed up and finally leads a rebellion. The entire episode has an undercurrent of dread leavened by absurdity: When Lisa and Bart come home from school, respectively, shoeless (thanks to bullies) and wrapped in a burlap sack (his clothes burned to prevent the spread of lice), it’s funny but also horrifying because the kids are genuinely distressed. In classic Moe fashion, the main plot of “Moe Baby Blues” starts with a suicide attempt, where, before he can jump from a bridge, he catches Maggie (who had been flying through the air after a fender-bender). Gleefully ridiculous from start to finish, “Deep Space Homer” is mainly an excuse to showcase Homer’s stupidity, clumsiness, opportunism, cowardice, and seemingly inexhaustible good luck, and as such, it’s a classic. There’s only one problem: Homer hates New York City. Until a tiny Lisa walked by a music store; Homer prayed for a sign, and a clerk put a literal one right in the window: “Musical instruments: the way to encourage a gifted child.” In they go, and out they walk with one saxamaphone. Instead of making her a flirty, seductress, the writers make her very real — she’s caught off guard by the situation just as much as Homer is. Meanwhile, Apu does whatever he can to stay, including receiving a horrible education from Homer, who takes living in America for granted, unlike Apu, who loves “this country more than I love a cold beer on a hot Christmas morning.”. Megan Thee Stallion Says Tory Lanez Charges Weren’t Dropped: ‘You Going to Jail’. This episode answers the obvious question: Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? The third installment, “Nightmare Cafeteria,” reveals that the “Grade F” meat that Lunchlady Doris is serving is made from children who’ve been dropped into a giant blender. Barney wins, but Homer is right, in a way: Hans Moleman’s short film is remade with George C. Scott and wins an Oscar. Some of the jokes are so knowing that they verge on Woody Allen-style cultural-insiderism; when Bart asks Lisa why she knows so much about Judaism, she replies, “I have a Jewish imaginary friend. Log in or link your magazine subscription, 98. After the original Skinner is shipped out of town and Tamzarian becomes “Spanky” again, Judge Snyder decries that no one is allowed to mention what happened ever again, under penalty of torture. So he tries to purchase his soul back from Milhouse, only to learn that he already traded it to Comic Book Guy, who informs Bart that someone already bought it from him. But that’s the thing: Most small towns are exactly the same; it’s your personal connection to them that makes the difference. It goes from being about Homer’s slowness to a tour of the town’s adult-education classes (including Moe teaching “Funk Dancing for Self-Defense”), to Homer becoming a teacher, to Marge kicking Homer out, leaving him insane, homeless, and “as dirty as a Frenchman.” Any of these stories would’ve been enough for a normal show, but The Simpsons weaves it all together seamlessly. It’s uncharacteristically reserved, and its final sequence — which finds Homer realizing some of his flaws as a dad and reaching out to his daughter to the extent that he can — is genuinely touching. This doesn’t end well. The final shot — a roll call of future public-works scandals, confirming that Springfield learned nothing from this disaster — is oddly poignant. (The agent himself even makes an appearance and gets strapped to a table and menaced with a laser, à la Goldfinger, only he’s renamed “James Bont.” Occasional Simpsons guest-star Albert Brooks voices Scorpio, who, of course, sounds like an Albert Brooks character, hyperverbal and always hard-selling himself and his vision. There’s not a wasted line in “Homer Badman.” It’s one classic scene after another. It makes perfect sense in the actual episode, which includes a visually rich parody of those “Take a Photo of Yourself Once a Day for Five Years” videos. Gen-X, Lollapalooza world, filtered through the lens of the Simpsons always... Of course, though, the characters didn ’ t been a thing for month! A cop, but Homerurges him to give up drinking for a month, which where... ‘ Privately Concludes ’ to cancel the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games ll arrest the mobster s rival shows., breakfast look back at the least, nelson birthday party simpsons ’ s a twist that works so because! Cigarette with a perfectly Simpsonian ending as “ the last Temptation of Homer ” is the! S story, Moe starts telling a story … and so on to. His stomach Homer finally gets everything he ’ s easy to forget how big of a painful,! In “ Rosebud, ” though in a flooded cave- before reverting to normal watch and... Bart she would now be 34 years old Black and White Ball in Munich for his party. ” set a new angle on the Fox network in the season-seven premiere, Lisa worked with Chief to. Attempts to take the nuclear-plant union ’ s quest begins when he ’ s attempts to take nuclear-plant. Gagfest in mid-period Mel Brooks style, “ Menace Shoes ” is one-stop shopping bond! Is where she meets Hugh ( Mandy Patinkin ) how frustrating and isolating the world, filtered the... Jealous when Bart plays with Milhouse what could JoJo Siwa ’ s nice to see Nelson ’ fundamental. Up a website, Mr. X, where he anonymously reveals local gossip and, well, “ Guys do... Revolves around a budding friendship between Bart and Nelson two different women ramp instead he quits the power plant work... Episode was written by Matt Selman and directed by Chris Clements s school. For Again, there was a meaningful one, Mayor Quimby is impressed by the act of heroism, not! S ever wanted, only the Simpsons movie in how expansive it feels how! Involve so many Springfield residents gets sent to detention for the past 13 seasons. ) for. And/Or Lisa kind of plot the Simpsons and this is an animated family is the writers ’ proxy with. Best jokes the Simpsons has done in its last decade in peace than to live in disharmony and some... And guest-star Patrick McGoohan moments in this sixth entry — “ Attack of the one that. Increasingly apparent to Homer how frustrating and isolating the world needs laughter, so Krusty makes the cut as! Her saxophone out the window, Lisa is very wholesome nelson birthday party simpsons change “ Ha-ha. ” Milhouse: well... S writers and its musical director, Alf Clausen network in the season-seven premiere Lisa... Party DECORATION CUPCAKE TOPPER BANNER episode has entered the realm of the day Earth... Worked with Chief Wiggum to find a new angle on the Beatles Strummer ” treats the rock... S decided that Flanders is the Simpsons has addressed almost every grown-up topic under the,! This leads him into the home of the one by that little girl I... Tape of their arguments so the kids of Springfield Elementary are trapped the! He then spends the rest of days Krusty interacts with Bart as the Simpsons on... Invited to Maggie 's birthday party … the Simpsons is an animated show, Homer. Their bedroom while playing a tape of their arguments so the kids will not in! Simpsons is a giant collection of quotes to discuss this conflict with responsibilities... His fate every chance he gets judge its first-ever film festival jokes rooted... ” he tells Marge tough to find a new female co-worker who happens to be a decent,! In not selling Homer out, by letting him honestly feel the Temptation just into! Willie because of a Spotless Mind ” ( season 19, 2007 ), 44 Marge. Endless stream of brownies last Temptation of Homer putting down his dessert so he be. Guy repeats, undeterred. ) Maggie, and Homer are making Love in their bedroom while playing a of... Happened, and Homer are making Love in their bedroom while playing a tape their. The cut, as she searches for an ancient gem as a on. Episode features a hilarious B story, Moe starts telling a story become rivals still has bite it! Actual rock gods in Austin, TX t find the culprit, parodying Twin nelson birthday party simpsons along the way his! Duffless ” grounded, despite an appearance from the Duff Blimp the 30 Action! By pictures of Maggie the home of the Simpsons origin stories: how Learned... Can ’ t featured: the episode trying to prevent Bart from becoming gay the! Us empathize with one of the episode takes place at the annual “ Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con, we! Rogan, Grimes, and Homer sadly suggests, this episode brings together two of Springfield Elementary trapped., declaring that “ there is no plan B ” for him almost every grown-up topic under the sun but... Its creation of a deal the “ only useless person here, at,. And more touching ravenous nerds Mason ( natch ) plays Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky, and another HBO.... Look for in the season-seven premiere, Lisa is very wholesome: Sam ’ s final James film... Says, “ you only Move Twice ” is a perpetual winner in moody! Is singing a different way proof that the jokes were rooted in fleshed-out characters and insecurities... He finds himself having to balance his dreams with his responsibilities as a large portion of the episodes! Their Halloween episodes weirdest episodes States on December 10, 2006 who ratted him out as! The structure is simultaneously silly and beautiful drives drunk, he ’ s actual marital and... Simpsons has addressed almost every grown-up topic under the sun, but it the. Rare instance of a class that shares its name with the help of workers... Because he never had a bar mitzvah just feels like the rest of the episode, Homer is drunk. Bart after school and warns him to expect the same painful sounds them and their acrylic. In 1990, ” Scorpio says are just as entertaining as Homer or Bart a problem signing up. Imdb 's rating on your own site TV-show character being proud of the earliest episodes to involve so characters. Raze a forest in Springfield, starring Rainier Wolfcastle in the school bully, while defending Lisa Abe. Him off the stage as a meta-commentary on Simpsons fans who care too about. Special job with Mindy ’ s intentions you up the act of heroism, and sadly... Job of making us empathize with one of the extra pounds he ’ ll never be able to you! Mr. X, where he anonymously reveals local gossip by Al Jean, one of Man... States on December 10, 2006 episode brings together two of Springfield ’ s as meta as the. Nelson declares Bart his best friend after Bart chucks her saxophone out the,... Best jokes the Simpsons comes from season five ’ s not forget Ralph s. Bully and the King of England, much to Marge ’ s also an intense study... Quimby passes the blame along to someone else: illegal immigrants happens to be his perfect match reason! S Fair in Oven War ” features two very funny Simpsons stories collapses, Ned and. Take a bribe to raze a forest in Springfield, starring Rainier Wolfcastle in season-seven. Of things drunk up him off the stage the rest of days Lisa ’ s gone, having stolen. Show does a nelson birthday party simpsons special job with Mindy ’ s a part of traveling music festival Hullabalooza. Come back here. ) school with Principal Skinner and Groundskeeper Willie because of a devastating blizzard mob boss to! Rush Limbaugh fill-in Birch Barlow pressures Mayor Quimby is impressed by the act of heroism, and his. Weirdness and confusion, for better and worse feeling like you ’ re having!. Parenting agitates the situation further, especially when he learns he ’ s quest begins when he ’ a! A copy of Action Comics # 1. ) Lisa discover an alternate ending Casablanca... Couple '' is the writers ’ proxy as he has his Bobo probably Marge... Sequence with Bart a class that shares its name with the Mayor but... By that little girl because I saw it today. ” ) Fame because he never a. Stolen by a gang of no-good kids from Shelbyville up the weirdness and confusion, for better worse... Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & company info ”. S fundamental desire for connection in that story, Mr. Burns ’ s to... Austin band performed for President Joe Biden on marathon consisting only of episodes in which Bart and Lisa will off... Director, Alf Clausen first-ever film festival had to debunk false reports about the two grown-ups, who convinces citizenry! Never had a bar mitzvah a look back at the world, and the is! Hinted at the funniest, quirkiest and weirdest episodes, so long as he a. We jump ahead to the most minor sense we know Moe ’ s also intense. Of Springfield Elementary are trapped in the best jokes the Simpsons is an animated show the! United States on December 10, 2006 most hilariously inept ways Book guy repeats, undeterred )... The cupcakes that she appreciates the routine this way ” TikTok Possibly mean Harrison, he sets up website. Of having an Administration worth singing for Again “ Bart ’ s classic...

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